Summer Amazon Haul

Thursday, July 4, 2019
Does anyone have a major shopping bug right now?
I don't know if it's the weather or the late night margaritas that have me binge shopping on Amazon lately. Don't get me wrong, most of my goodies were fairly inexpensive because #imcheap.
So in the effort of not being alone, i'm going to show you all of my recent purchases so you, too can spend your money.

Then we'll be in it together. Poor, but fashionable.

I love making lists (ask my husband), and love organization. I also realized that my current planner was going to run out at the end of this month. To guarantee i didn't miss a hair appt, i HAD to purchase this Planner! It's iridescent, has fun graphics and the  most adorable little quotes on each month. It also includes made-up Holidays like "National Margarita Day". So it's a win from me. 

I've been living in high-waisted paper-bag pants lately, and thought to myself- i really need a cute cropped tank! Leopard is an easy neutral in my wardrobe (and will conveniently go with all three pairs of these pants that i purchased). I saw this guy on the explore page and new i had to have him! This Leopard Tank is racer-back and fitted. So perfect for the summertime! It's also snug enough that
you can skip a bra with it. #GOALS


Since i'm a basic bish, i also needed to add a Fedora to my shopping list. I found this cute one that was only $16! It did, unexpectedly, arrive with a slight pink hue. But i think it's growing on me. It has a nice string on the inside so you can tighten the fit- so no blowing away in the wind!

Sometimes i pretend to be an IG influencer. No shame. 
I saw all my faves carrying woven circle bags and i thought "I NEED". It will also be the perfect accessory when hubs and i go to Hawaii to celebrate our 5yr! So tropical. 
There were tons of options, but i loved this white Circle Bag the most!

Enter my new found addiction to Hot Yoga. My current Yoga mat had seen better days, so i figured why not invest in another that i will just drip sweat all over. Right?! I was shook to my core when i found this Yoga Mat for $24! It has great reviews and looks SO CAUUTEE in person. If you didn't know, i love a good moon phase, so I was definitely feeling this whole vibe.

So the thing i mentioned earlier about sweating....
This isn't a need by any means. You can totally use a beach towel, bath towel, kitchen towel- whatever you have on hand. But since i've been proud of my down-dog lately i wanted to treat myself to some Yoga Towels to protect my beautiful new moon baby mat!

Since i can't possibly be bothered to carry my mat under my arm, I found this super cute Yoga Mat Carrier! The little zip pouch in the front can easily fit my phone & keys.

You guys know i love my glass straws. I wanted to buy a few metal ones to try out, and these were rose gold Metal Straws! Save the environment, and look super fab doing it. I also love that these come with a cute little pouch, so i always keep a couple in my purse when i'm on the go! No plastic here, plz. #BYOS

Finally, i hopped on the bandwagon and grabbed some XXL Alligator Clips. When i say these are large, they are LARGE. I have thin, unfortunate hair so these stay in fairly well. I love the more neutral ones in the pack compared to the pearl covered ones, but they are all so fun! I'm living for the 90's influences that are out right now. 

Let me know if you end up snagging anything, or if you have any current Amazon faves that i should check out buy immediately. 

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