Fall Bucket List Ideas

Thursday, August 29, 2019

If you know me, you know I love the fall. I swear the air smells better when the leaves turn. 
Not only do I love this season, but I love all the fun things that you can do in the fall! 
Yeah, yeah, I know i'm writing this post in August, but the early girl gets the 
cold brew PSL, amiright? 

This year, I'm making myself (and my unknowing Husband) a fall bucket list to check-off. 
Some are super easy, and some will definitely take some planning ahead. 

I'm confident in my abilities:

  • -Decorate the house & front porch 
  • -Light/buy Fall Candles
  • -Create a Fall playlist on Spotify to jam to 
  • -Have a all movie marathon (movie inspo below) 
  • -Wear a dark lipstick
  • -Bake pumpkin goodies
  • -Go to a drive-in movie 
  • -Check out a Farmers market
  • -Have a Bonfire & Pumpkin-brew
  • -Go to a Haunted house/corn maze
  • -DIY Pumpkin spice latte
  • -Go Apple/Pumpkin picking
  • -Make Hot Cider
  • -Make a Fall reading list
  • -Wear cozy socks
  • -Tailgate for a game
  • -Carve pumpkins
  • -Host a Halloween party

Like scary movies? Good, me too. I could literally watch them everyday. 
So much so that our Netflix "recommended" movies are a bit questionable...
but that's besides the point.
If you're into something a little more PG, I have you covered too! 
There are some absolute CLASSICS in the list below that I watch religiously
every year & could not live without:

  • -Halloweentown (all of them)
  • -Hocus Pocus
  • -Harry Potter (all of them- but Prisoner of Azkaban has the Halloween Feast)!
  • -Edward Scissorhands
  • -The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • -Sleepy Hollow
  • -The Craft
  • -Beetlejuice
  • -A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • -The Addams Family
  • -Twitches 
  • -Hotel Transylvania (watch all of them- they're so adorable)
  • -Practical Magic
  • -Scream
  • -The Sixth Sense 
  • -Saw
  • -Gothika
  • -Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • -The Conjuring
  • -The Shining
  • -IT
  • -Halloween

Enjoy, Witches! 

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