My Story

Hey peeps!
I'm the face behind this site, and the fingers behind the keyboard. I started this blog as a creative outlet to chat about the things I enjoy most in life: Fashion, makeup, travel and probably to post pictures of my cat.

Fashion & Makeup have always been my favorite way to show my personality. I usually jump back & forth between super neutral, and Halloween SX makeup, with maybe a few "adventurous" days in-between where i put on eyeliner. For Fashion, I love finding thrifted pieces like old band tees, and paring them with the perfect pair of jeans or joggers. Throw my fav faux leather jacket over that, and I'm good to go. Easy, peasy.

The Hubs and i love to travel to new places, and experience the culture first hand. Most of our adventures are V laid back and chill (#beachbums), but we also like to hike and scope out the best meal on whatever Island we're visiting! I love documenting our trips and can't wait to share about the ones we have coming up this year. 

Finally, if my cat could speak or eh, type- she would have a blog too. Her name is Optimus Prime, or Oppy for short. You can expect to see plenty of her around here too. She loves compliments. 
 I hope you guys get a laugh every now and then, and that you can connect to some of my posts. Don't hesitate to reach out, i love to chit-chat! Feel free to say "Hey, what's up, hello" on my other social sites! Give them a click. They're on the top right corner of this page!


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